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July 2018 roundup
06/08/2018 09:23 PM
July turned out to be a better month for gaming and I managed to play 35 games of 25 different titles, with 7 of them being new to me. The new games were: == NEW GAMES == Roll to the Top! – 1 play –  8  First Published 2018 Rol ...

June 2018 roundup
01/07/2018 09:52 AM
If May was a slow month of gaming then June turned out to be glacial as the unusually pleasant weather and a two week holiday saw me tied up doing lots of other things. Consequently, I only managed to play 7 games of 7 different titles, with 2 o ...

May 2018 roundup
02/06/2018 09:38 AM
May turned out to be a slow month of gaming and I only managed to play 23 games of 23 different titles, with 8 of them being new to me. The new games were: == NEW GAMES == Professor Evil and The Citadel of Time – 1 play –  8  F ...

April 2018 roundup
06/05/2018 12:40 PM
In April, I managed to play 42 games of 32 different titles, with 10 of them being new to me. The new games were: == NEW GAMES == Menara – 1 play –  8  First Published 2018 Excellent solo /co-op dexterity game where you build a ...

March 2018 roundup
02/04/2018 12:34 PM
In March, I managed to play 32 games of 24 different titles, with 3 of them being new to me. The new games were: == NEW GAMES == Verflucht! – 4 plays –  8  First Published 2018 Another nice quick card game where you are trying ...

February 2018 roundup
03/03/2018 03:41 PM
In February, I managed to play 24 games of 22 different titles, with 8 of them being new to me. The new games were: == NEW GAMES == The Mind – 2 plays –  8  First Published 2018 This is a really novel game where a shared sense ...

January 2018 roundup
08/02/2018 06:15 PM
During January, I managed to play 20 games of 16 different titles, with just 1 of them being new to me. Having cleared my unplayed list at the end of last year, the only new game was: == NEW GAMES == Nautilion – 2 plays –  7  F ...

Holiday Mhing
04/01/2018 10:56 PM
Mhing is a Mah Jongg card game released in 1982 that I’ve played a couple of times but have no real desire to revisit. That said, the box has always served me well (despite now being a bit battered) to transport several compact games when ...

My 20 game choices from 2007 and earlier
03/01/2018 09:23 PM
Following on from yesterday’s post about the latest Gamenight episode, I decided to construct my own list and managed an initial selection of thirty. Unfortunately, that meant I had to cut High Society, Quandary, Die Siedler von Catan, Tr ...

Pre-2007 games on Gamenight
02/01/2018 10:48 PM
Just listened to one of my favourite episodes of Gamenight where they review the best games of 2007 and earlier. The link is here. Lots of fond memories of some fantastic games and it goes to show what a talented designer Reiner Knizia was (and ...


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