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Session Report

Date: 29th July 2005
Game played: Detroit-Cleveland Grand Prix ( Mayfair Games ) BGG Id: 101

Mark K had brought Detroit-Cleveland Grand Prix with him, which I'd not played before, even though I've played Top Race many times. D-C GP is basically the same game but the circuit is much tighter with more blocking opportunities and there is no betting element - the only way to get money is getting your car(s) across the line before the other players.

We played three races and each proved to be different in the way they ran. The first appeared reasonably open and I managed to get one of my cars across the line in first place but my other was last. This put me in front though and the target for the second race. Both my cars got badly blocked while Mark G and Mark K's cars flew round the circuit at breakneck speed. This race was over virtually before it began, with Mark G scoring well with two cars. The final race was very tactical with me at the front keeping the rest of the field securely behind my lead car. An easy first place for my first car. However, Mark G was well placed and we were fighting tooth and nail for 4th place. Unfortunately for Mark, the other Mark was forced to play his last card pushing my car across the line ahead of him and that made all the difference. If the positions had been reversed, Mark G would have won but, as it was, I took the podium as the champion.

I didn't think I was going to like D-C GP as much as Top Race due to the absence of the betting, but it played just as well, only differently. The tighter track made things more interesting and you had a better idea of where your threat was coming from so you could do something about it. In Top Race, the secrecy of the bets meant you had less of an idea of which cars were good for your opponents. I think I would be happy to play both.

Mark G
Mark K

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